This Reading Room contains documents specifically identified for inclusion by the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-231, as well as many other documents of general interest.

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Faith-Based Reentry Initiative Program Evaluation (CSOSA, 2005)
Mapping Network: An Action-Research Partnership (Urban Institute, 2005)
DC Mental Health Court Evaluation (Georgetown University, 2009)
District of Columbia Forensic Health Study (Vera Institute, 2009)
Impact of the Re-Entry and Sanction Center on Recidivism (Capella University, 2008)
Evaluating Defendant Factors and Pretrial Supervision and Treatment Interventions Related to Pretrial Misconduct (PSA, 2008)
Outpatient Competency Restoration Program for the District of Columbia (Argosy, 2008)
Recidivsm Rates in Washington DC: Assessing Individual and Neighborhood Level Determinants of Criminality Among Ex-Offenders (Howard University, 2007)
Management Review of Defendants' Opinion of Treatment Services Delivery (PSA, 2007)
Sentencing in the Nation's Capitol: Effectiveness of the DC's Sentencing Guidelines (American University, 2007)
Ready4Work (R4W): An Ex-Prisoner, Community and Faith Initiative (Public/Private Ventures, 2007)
Reentry of Substance Abusing Female Ex-Offenders from Prison to an Urban Community (George Washington University, 2010)
Influence of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) on Organizational Commitment in a Probation/Parole Agency (Nyack College, 2010)
Assessment of the DC Pretrial Services Agency's In-House Treatment and Substance Abuse Program (PSA, 2010)
Risk Assessment and Validation for Pretrial Defendants (PSA, 2010)
Impact of Pre-Release Planning on Supervision Outcomes: A Pilot Pre-Release Program for Women Released from the Bureau of Prisons (CSOSA, 2010)
Juvenile and Criminal Justice System Data Indicators Project (CSOSA) (Vera Institute, 2010)
Juvenile and Criminal Justice System Data Indicators Project (PSA) (Vera Institute, 2010)
Impact of Different Pretrial Detentions on Defendants and Its Implications for Evidence-Based Practice (Urban Institute, 2010)
Seek/Test/Treat: HIV, Buprenorphine, and Criminal Justice (Project STRIDE) (George Mason University, 2011)