Telephone Directory

Office Phone
D.C. Misdemeanor/Traffic initiative 202-220-5770
D.C. Superior Court 202-879-1010
Diagnostic Unit (Citation or Other Matters) 202-585-7100
Diagnostic Unit (Defendant Interview and/or Pretrial Services Report for D.C. Superior Court) 202-585-7030
Drug Testing and Compliance Unit (Adult and Family Court drug testing) 202-585-7060
Drug Testing and Compliance Unit - Satellite Office (Adult drug testing only) 202-585-7050
Forensic Analysis and Testimony 202-585-7276
General Supervision Unit 202-585-7955
High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP) 202-220-5530
Office of Financial Administration 202-220-5500
Office of Forensic Toxicology Services 202-585-7276
Office of Human Capital Management 202-220-5500
Office of Information Technology 202-442-1781
Office of Justice and Community Relations 202-220-5553
Office of Operations 202-220-5500
Office of Strategic Planning 202-220-5654
Office of the Director 202-220-5500
Re-Entry and Sanctions Center - PSA Matters 202-220-5593
Release Services Unit 202-585-7077
Social Services and Assessment Center (SSAC) 202-442-1660
Specialized Supervision (Mental Health) Unit 202-442-1920
Superior Court Drug Court and Sanction-Based Treatment Track 202-220-5505
Training and Career Development Center 202-442-1020
U.S. District Court 202-442-1000