Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS)

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) administered the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to all Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) employees between September 16, 2020 and October 28, 2020.  The 2020 FEVS consisted of 38 core questions and included an additional 19 questions focusing on the Agency’s response to the pandemic. Just over thirty-eight percent of PSA employees responded to the survey. 
On the core questions, PSA’s positive responses (strongly agree, agree) in 2020 were higher than the positive responses in 2019 for about half of the questions.  Twenty-seven items were identified by OPM as strengths, which are defined by OPM as questions with a positive response rate of 65% or higher. In particular,  employees reported that their supervisor treated them with respect and supported their need to balance work and other life issues.  Employees also reported that they are aware of how their work contributed to Agency goals and believed that the Agency was successful in accomplishing its mission. 
No items were identified by OPM as challenges, which are defined by OPM as questions with a 35% negative response or higher.  Notably, the percentage of negative responses did not exceed 25% on any of the questions.  In keeping with PSA’s commitment to continuous improvement, questions with the highest percentage of negative responses highlighted areas where more work is needed to improve the organization, particularly around maximizing employee talents, communication between different work units, including employee input on decisions that affect their work, and continuing to improve on dealing with poor performers.
The Agency’s Engagement Index score, which measures employees’ “sense of purpose that is evident in their display of dedication, persistence, and effort in their work or overall attachment to their organization and its mission” also increased from 2018 (72) to 2020 (74). 
On the questions focusing on PSA’s response to the pandemic, the Agency was able to maximize the use of telework to continue to achieve its mission.  Just over 72% of respondents indicated that they had teleworked every day during the peak of the pandemic.  Eighty-three (83%) agreed that their work units were able to meet the needs of the customer always or most of the time during the pandemic and continued to produce high quality work (89%). The percentage of positive responses on other questions revealed that employees feel that both senior leaders and supervisors have communicated effectively and supported employee health and safety.
PSA is encouraged by the results of the 2020 FEVS, both on the core and pandemic-related questions.  While this has been a challenging time, PSA has continued to achieve the mission while simultaneously protecting the health and safety of employees.  The Agency recognizes the need to continue supporting employees, particularly as it turns to developing the plan to return to more normal operations.  In addition, the Agency is committed to addressing the areas of most concern as it moves forward in 2021 and beyond.
2020 FEVS Summary