This Reading Room contains documents specifically identified for inclusion by the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-231, as well as many other documents of general interest.

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Estimates of Drug Court Recidivism Rates (Urban Institute, 2002)
Employee Shadowing Program-PS 1009
Employee Guide to Understanding the CSOSA/PSA Research and Evaluation Policy
Employee Claims for Damages to or Loss of Personal Property Incident to Service
Employee 60-day Notice
Emergency Team Designations
Emergency Operations Policy Flow Chart
Emergency Operations Memo
Emergency Operating Team Designations
Emergency Operating Procedures
EEO and Diversity Policy Memorandum-JPM2011 11
Dual Status MOA 2017

This MOU outlines information sharing among the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, D.C. Superior Court’s Court Social Services Division (CSS), D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), DC Child and Family Services Agency, and PSA.

Drug-Free Workplace Program Policy Statement
Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Domestic Violence Recidivism Among African-American Men (Howard University, 2002)
Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan FY 2012-2014
District of Columbia's Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative (Urban Institute, 2005)
District of Columbia Forensic Health Study (Vera Institute, 2009)
District of Columbia Bail Agency Act of 1966

PSA was formalized as an agency under the Executive Office of the Mayor with the passage of the Bail Agency Act in 1967, and the name was changed to the D.C. Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) in 1978.

Development of a Community Drug Early Warning System (CDEWS) for Tracking Emerging Drugs in the Criminal Justice Population (University of Maryland/CESAR, 2012)