This Reading Room contains documents specifically identified for inclusion by the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-231, as well as many other documents of general interest.

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Housing Landscape of Returning Prisoners (Urban Institute, 2002)
Hispanic Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (Catholic University, 2002)
Estimates of Drug Court Recidivism Rates (Urban Institute, 2002)
Domestic Violence Recidivism Among African-American Men (Howard University, 2002)
Housing Landscape for Returning Prisoners in the District (Urban Institute, 2003)
Preliminary Validation of Structured Sentencing Grid Using PSIs (DC Advisory Commission on Sentencing, 2003)
Halfway House as a Transitional Alternative and Understanding Why Offenders Recidivate (George Washington University, 2003)
Collection of Uplink Oral Fluid Specimens (OraSure, 2003)
CSOSA Recidivism Tracking Project - Expansion (CSOSA, 2005)
District of Columbia's Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative (Urban Institute, 2005)
Testing a Universal Screener for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Indicators Among Arrestees in the District of Columbia (National Opinion Research Center, 2005)
Exploratory Analyses of CSOSA's Substance Abuse Outcome Data (CSOSA, 2005)
Exploratory Analyses of CSOSA's Offender Drug Testing Protocols (CSOSA, 2005)
CSOSA Recidivism Tracking Project (CSOSA, 2005)
Relationship of Risk Factors to the Level of Criminal Offenses for Persons Diagnosed with a Psychiatric Disorder Involved in the Criminal Justice System (Howard University, 2005)
Faith-Based Reentry Initiative Program Evaluation (CSOSA, 2005)
Mapping Network: An Action-Research Partnership (Urban Institute, 2005)
DC Mental Health Court Evaluation (Georgetown University, 2009)
District of Columbia Forensic Health Study (Vera Institute, 2009)
Impact of the Re-Entry and Sanction Center on Recidivism (Capella University, 2008)